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Job Title Critical Care Transport Nurse
Location Rosedale, MD
Department Field Operations
FLSA Status Non-Exempt
Reports to General Manager, Medical Director, Nurse Manager
Shifts hiring Per Diem

Title: Critical Care Transport Nurse

Reports to: General Manager, Medical Director, Nurse Manager

Based at: Procare Ambulance of Maryland

Job purpose:

Transfers and transports patient’s requiring Specialty Care as defined by COMAR and MIEMSS Protocol.  Prepares comprehensive documentation reporting all aspects of the transport in preparation for billing purposes, clinical review, and general archiving.  Performs procedural or pharmacological intervention within their scope of practice (Defined by MIEMSS Protocol) and prepares documentation related. Position requires periods of strenuous physical exertion with periods of sitting for potentially extended duration.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Maintains a physical appearance consistent with Procare policy related to employee uniforms.
  2. Maintains equipment necessary to the application of basic life support as outlined by company policy and MIEMSS regulated equipment/supply standards.  Reports any equipment or supply deficiencies immediately to the Nurse Manager or General Manager.
  3. Maintains the cosmetic appearance of their assigned ambulance and reports any mechanical deficiencies to the Nurse Manager or General Manager in written form as proscribed by company policy.
  4. Interacts with various members of the healthcare spectrum in a courteous manner that bestows credit upon themselves and Procare Ambulance.  This includes working with fellow Procare colleagues, other healthcare workers, and the public at large, in a professional and courteous manner.
  5. Assembles paperwork necessary for the transfer of patient care. 
  6. Responsible for advanced emergency and critical care patient management during air and ground transport of the critically ill or injured patient from the scene or outlying sites to participating secondary and tertiary care institutions.
  7. Provides intensive care monitoring, critical care intervention and advanced surgical skill procedures to critically ill and injured neonates through geriatric age groups
  8. This includes the management of high-risk obstetrical, medical, surgical, respiratory and cardiovascular patients. The specialized training of the RN- Critical Care Transport Nurse Specialist allows for the provision of care to critically ill and injured patients through the use of ventilatory support, continuous cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring, including intra-aortic balloon and other cardiac assist devices
  9. Accurately, honestly, and comprehensively records all pertinent information on a handwritten “Short Form” PCR (Patient Care Report), as well as digital documentation on eMeds (MIEMSS proprietary digital PCR).   This includes obtaining a PCS (Physician Certification Statement) as well as demographic sheet provided by a facility (commonly referred to as a “Face Sheet”).  All related signatures must be obtained for each patient care record.  Said documentation will be furnished in the manner and with the time constraints defined in Procare’s Policy Manual.
  10. Furnish an incident report when directed to do so by a supervisor.
  11. Communicate with a supervisor for any clinical, operational, or safety concerns PRIOR TO CONTINUING the action that causes concern .
  12. Repetitive lifting of heavy patients, with demanding scene considerations, often up/down long flights of steps or other similar grade .
  13. Must follow all of Procare’s policies.  As such, each employee is required to check the memo postings for written directives and policy changes and modifications at the start of every shift.  These new memos must be signed when read, acknowledging the employees understanding of the matter.
  14. Attend monthly meetings or any meeting called by management, the date of which will be posted in advance.
  15. Must make safety the paramount priority of their employment with Procare ambulance.  Must follow all safety practices in accordance with existing policy and Safety Plan.  Must sign the “Safety Promise”.
  16. Must follow the direction of your Supervisor which may be the General Manager, Office Manager, Dispatch Manager, or a Nurse Manager.
  17. Must maintain a neat and clean office space and may be required to clean as directed by a supervisor.
  18. Maintain any Licensure and certification related to the ability to practice as a Maryland Registered Nurse (Including, but not limited to: CPR, ACLS)


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