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Job Title EMR
Location Rosedale, MD
Department Field Operations
FLSA Status Non-Exempt
Shifts hiring Full-time

General Summary:

Under general supervision EMR will perform specific tasks required for the effective and efficient care of patients in a pre-hospital setting and/or intra-facility transfers. Exhibits courteous and professional behavior while interacting with co-workers, patients, families, health care professionals, and public safety personnel. Promotes and maintains a smooth working relationship between management and employees. Operates and maintains company equipment in a safe and professional manner. While actual responsibilities may vary, the following are typical of the duties that would be performed.

EMR Responsibilities:

  1. Render exceptional patient care in both pre-hospital and inter-facility setting.
  2. Assist the EMT-B with the preparation of the patient for transport. Communicate with receiving facility to receive medical direction and to provide critical information.
  3. The basic function of the EMR is to provide medical care and transportation for a patient at the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) level, within their scope of practice, as stipulated by the State, Department of Health and Human Services.
  4. The job includes obtaining the appropriate patient care information, billing information, and completing any additional forms or duties as stipulated by the Company. This individual must interface with other employees, professionals from our accounts, as well as patients and their families.
  5. The EMR has responsibility and accountability for assisting the EMT-B in the pre-hospital care or inter-facility/medical transport of the patient.
  6. To provide safe transportation, to include accurately discerning street names through map reading, the ability to correctly distinguish house numbers, and addresses of business locations, in the most expedient manner, is essential.
  7. Performs pre-hospital duties in compliance with all state EMS rules and regulations, license appropriate.
  8. Transports sick and/or injured patients to or between appropriate medical facilities and/or residence.
  9. Actively participates in the safe delivery of patient care and maintains a safe environment for all patients.
  10. Responds professionally and promptly to instructions from a variety of sources, such as, dispatchers and supervisors.
  11. Maintains confidentiality of all patients, employees, corporate records, and patient records in accordance with current HIPAA guidelines.
  12. Safely operates and assists in the maintenance of company owned vehicles as required.
  13. Performs daily vehicle maintenance check and cleans both the inside and outside of assigned unit on a daily basis.
  14. Replenishes medical equipment and supplies as needed.
  15. Monitors and properly operates all communications equipment to ensure efficient, constant, and appropriate contact with the communications department.
  16. Responds to all requests for service in an optimal manner and the priority of response when directed by the dispatcher.
  17. Works expediently to ensure availability of resources in order to maximize utilization and productivity.
  18. Demonstrates flexibility as patient needs change and the ability to communicate the need for additional assistance when necessary.
  19. Assesses the nature and extent of patients’ injuries or illness and establish treatment consistent with state licensure and protocols.   
  20. Produces accurate, legible, and complete documentation on all runs.
  21. Administers medical treatment in a caring and compassionate manner thus promoting positive public relations for Procare and the EMS profession.
  22. Is receptive to medical control facilities’ judgment regarding treatment of patients and follows their judgment.
  23. Be able to communicate all pertinent patient information to medical personnel directly involved with patient care in compliance with local protocols and in accordance with Maryland Department of Public Health and HIPAA Guidelines.
  24. May assist in various duties including but not limited to:
  25. Controlling crowds
  26. Protecting valuables
  27. Assisting medical personnel in emergencies at medical facilities by initiating BLS procedures as defined by the Maryland Department of Public Health and under the direction of a physician
  28. Exhibits excellent customer service skills and behaviors toward internal and external customers and co-workers.
  29. Adheres to department customer service and performance standards.
  30. Demonstrates personal commitment to the Organization’s core values through active involvement in the performance improvement process.
  31. Demonstrates safe work practices and attitudes, follows safety rules, works to prevent unsafe conditions and behaviors, and participates in organizational and departmental safety programs.
  32. Carries out other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills And Abilities Required:

  1. Minimum Education:  Must possess a High School Diploma or equivalent.  Where applicable and as required must maintain Continuing Education per the local Medical Control Authorities and the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services.
  2. Minimum Work Experience:  Minimum of 1 year of related EMS experience preferred.  Will consider individuals with less than 1 year of related EMS experience.
  3. Contact With Others:  Co-workers, clients, patients and families, medical personnel.  Must be able to write, read and speak English fluently.
  4. Analytical Demands:  Must be able to think and act calmly and quickly in emergency situations.
  5. Certification, Licensure, Registration:  Licensed as an EMR by the Maryland Department of Consumer & Industry Services and maintained in good standing.  Must possess a current CPR certification and maintain in good standing.  Must possess a valid Driver's License, and be eligible for driving privileges based on current DMC’s policies and procedures.

Working Conditions:

  1. Physical Effort:  Physical demands including lifting, climbing, pushing, stooping, bending, kneeling and crouching, and otherwise maneuvering heavy patients, with stretchers and equipment (at least 250 pounds).  Must pass a pre-employment lift test.
  2. Work Environment:  Works outdoors, in weather common to Maryland, on a regular basis.  Exposure to blood, body fluids and/ or tissue.
  3. Equipment Used:  Depending on licensure level, oxygen, glucometer, stretchers, back boards, C collars, splints, traction splints, etc.

Working Relationships:

  1. Reports to:  Chief Operating Officer
  2. Supervises:  None 

The above primary job duties and responsibilities describe the level and nature of work performed by the employees assigned to this job.  The description should not be construed as an exhaustive listing of all job duties and responsibilities performed by this job.


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